Publication of the fourth issue of Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism

The fourth issue of theJournal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism has been published. Through this link you can download the complete issue (double-page spread), or any of the articles separately. The magazine is organized by the Traditional Building Cultures Foundation with the collaboration of INTBAU Spain.

Printed copies of this and the first three issues of the journal are available free of charge. Those interested should only arrange and pay the shipping costs through the company in charge of distribution. If you are interested in receiving any of the first four issues of the journal in hard copy, please write to us at

This journal is aimed at all those individuals and institutions interested in traditional building, architecture and urban planning. The articles published in it are related to the theory and practice of these disciplines. Its objective is to promote the creation of places and buildings that are in harmony with the local culture and tradition and that are respectful of the environment and its natural resources. It also aims to provide a better knowledge of the traditional constructive cultures of the various regions of the world and, with it, a greater respect towards them that may contribute to their better preservation and to their continuity.

In addition, the call for submissions of articles for all sections of the next issue is open until March 21, 2024. The submitted proposals will be eligible for publication in the journal, as well as, if the organizing team deems it appropriate, for the author’s participation in the Fifth International Conference on Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism.

You can find more information, as well as the previous issues of the journal, through the following link:

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