As a product of the activities and collaborations involved in these initiatives, the Traditional Building Cultures Foundation has produced various publications, many in partnership with other entities such as INTBAU or the Serra Henriques Foundation, and with publishers such as Mairea Libros, Arcadia Mediática, Oro Editions or Ediciones Asimétricas.

Journal of traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism

The Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism is aimed at all individuals and institutions interested in traditional building, architecture and urbanism. Its articles are intended to disseminate both the theory and the practice of these disciplines.

The Journal contains original academic papers, with blind peer review assessment according to the usual protocols of scientific journals, as well as articles on new built work and restorations, essays, pedagogical experiences and reviews.

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The following publications have been issued in collaboration with various publishers and are on sale through their distribution channels.

Timeless Architecture.

Co-published by Ediciones Asimétricas, INTBAU and CentroCentro, this was the catalogue of the Timeless Architecture exhibition, held in 2021 at CentroCentro in Madrid City Hall.

Donald Gray: The Most Beautiful Designs of Traditional Neighbourhoods in Andalusia

This monograph, published by ORO Editions and written by Alejandro García Hermida and Javier Cenicacelaya, presents the life’s work of Donald Gray, who designed some of the finest urban ensembles built in the latter part of the 20th century.

New Traditional Architecture

These publications annually present the results of the Richard H. Driehaus Building Arts Awards and/or of the Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Competition : national and international architectural and urban design projects intended to embellish and enhance various locations in Spain with the work of the finest masters of the various traditional building trades (stucco, decorative tiling, vault-building, Mudéjar ceilings, stained-glass glaziery, blacksmithing, etc.).

Rafael Manzano Prize Seminar publications

These publications contain summaries of the talks given in successive seminars at the Madrid University School of Architecture in 2012-19, presentations of work by Rafael Manzano Prize laureates, and articles on other initiatives conducted over these years.

Masters’ Network Manuals

This series of documents in digital format was drawn up in 2017 to give an overview of the various traditional building trades, organised according to the materials involved, from sourcing to application on site.

The manuals were published in the context of the Spanish Network of Traditional Building Crafts Masters project and accordingly they each end with a directory of individuals and firms engaged in the various traditional building trades, as identified to date, doing work of particular value and standing out in each region for the preservation and continuation of their craft.

Summer School publications

These publications, drawn up with various institutions notably including the Serra Henriques Foundation, present the work and experience of some of the Traditional Architecture Summer Schools that have been held at various locations across Spain and Portugal.


A future project for Lajes do Pico based on the architecture and urbanism of local tradition


A future project for Beirã based on the architecture and urbanism of Alentejan tradition