Presentation of the Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Competition sites

The three sites selected in the first phase of the 2022-2025 edition of the Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Competition have been presented during the Building Arts Awards ceremony, which took place on June 13, 2024 at the Museum of America, Madrid.

The Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Competition is one of the initiatives organized by the Traditional Building Cultures Foundation.

Irurita, Navarra

Irurita is a village in the Baztán valley in Navarra, and its proposal for an overhaul of Plaza de Rebote and environs was selected by the Competition jury in view of the space’s significance in the urban ensemble. It is a vital spot for the local community, given the way it is configured and the activities for which it is a venue. Accordingly, importance was attached to the positive impact that its embellishment and enhancement, along with the refurbishment of the adjacent Casa Dolantxea, may have on the village overall.

Baltanás, Palencia

Baltanás is a village in the Cerrato district of the south-east of Palencia province. The municipality contains a set of wine cellars designated as a cultural heritage site in 2015, notable for their significance, extent and excellent state of preservation. With 374 cellars spread over six levels and an estimated age of some 400 years, it is the largest extra-urban dug-out complex in Castilla y León. The proposal from Baltanás was selected by the Competition jury for the holistic nature of its approach for the cellar complex and environs, and for the inclusion of a building to be transformed in keeping with local building tradition. The jury also noted the project’s ability to become a model of good practice for other villages with similar dug-out complexes.

La Fresneda, Teruel

La Fresneda is a village located in the Matarraña region of Teruel province, notable for the exceptional state of preservation of much of its historic heritage, and for its site on the top of a hill, offering a remarkable panorama over the surrounding area. La Fresneda’s proposal for the slopes of the hill occupied by the village’s castle, currently a dilapidated district, was highlighted by the Competition jury for the interest of the multiple aspects addressed: the arrangement of volumes, the treatment of roads, landscaping features, the creation of a community kitchen garden and the development of a public-rental house consistent with local tradition, serving as a reference for future construction in this setting.

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