“Firmitas, utilitas, venustas” Conference

From April 26 to 28, the Accademia Vivarium novum de Frascati held the Conference “Firmitas, utilitas, venustas: for the rebirth of a humane architecture”, whose objective was to identify “the principles of a truly humane architecture which, in its practical, material and spiritual outcomes, intends to be commensurate to the human nature”.

The Traditional Building Cultures Foundation was invited to participate in the event and to present the initiatives which the foundation organizes in the Iberian Peninsula to promote traditional building, architecture and urban planning.

The Congress was organized with the support of the School of Architecture of Notre Dame University, New Traditional Architecture, Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, Villa Mondragone Convention Centre, FAI Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano – Delegazione di Roma, the Order of Architects of Rome, the Order of Engineers of Rome, Pulchria, Studio ACAM, and the Festival dell’Innovazione di Frascati.

You can find more information about the Conference through the following link:

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