Barcelona Traditional Architecture Summer School, by Sigurd Randby

Throughout this summer, I gained valuable insights into the world of architecture by immersing myself in the Barcelona Summer School along with architects dedicated to practicing and preserving building heritage. This exposure has reaffirmed my belief that it is still possible to actively contribute to and be a part of an architectural tradition. Interacting with fellow students hailing from diverse corners of the globe, each bringing their enthusiasm and skills in traditional and classical architecture, was a real joy.

The course itself was an enriching mix of good lectures, insightful excursions, and engaging discussions. However, what will remain etched in my memory is the strong sense of community we forged during our time in Barcelona, sharing a common home for those two weeks. This communal experience has left a mark on me, and as I returned home I carried with me a renewed sense of belonging within the architectural realm. The evidence of what we can achieve collectively serves as a reminder of the potential inherent in collaborative efforts.

In essence, the Barcelona Summer School not only broadened my understanding of architectural traditions but also provided me with a tangible and lasting connection to a global community of like-minded individuals passionate about preserving and advancing the heritage of our built environment.

More information about the summer school can be found at the following link:

Barcelona Summer School

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